i will go to London with my boyfriend! yaaaay :) topshop, i am coming for you. i have to admit that i am really lucky that my boyfriend isn't impatient when i'm shopping at all, although he would have a reason for it, because i always spend hours in the fitting rooms trying on EVERYTHING. literally. haha.

today i saw a picture of this hairstyle that i'm absolutely fond of. just hoping that it fits me :D 

the picture is from the blog carolines mode. she's a swedish girl and all i can say is she's amazing. her style is unique and i envy her for being able to travelling around the world, going to all of the fashion weeks to take pictures there. she also does modelling, of course - 'cause she's gorgeous as well. if i was able to do this for a living - i wouldn't hesitate that's for sure!

these are some pictures of her which she posted on her blog:

this is Caroline with Olivia Palermo from "The City"


i'm your ch-ch-cherrybomb.

yesterday i was going out with Lena and her boyfriend Scheini, at first it was real fun but unfortunately all the clubs were terribly crowded so we couldn't go in. all we did was going to different places by the underground which took us hours i guess, because we always had to wait for an eternity until it arrived. finally we had one drink at an irish pub but then it closed and we went home. it was freakin cold outside at night!

right now i'm actually supposed to study but the TV and internet are keeping me from doing so. haha

outfit pictures:
i am in love with the combination faux fur and military because they are so different in its style but i think they go together perfectly.

glasses - Ray Ban; striped t-shirt - H&M; faux fur stola - H&M; military parka - H&M; trousers - H&M


whitney port..

i truely love whitney port right now. watched some episodes of "The City" lately and her style and beauty are really admirable. i would give so much to have her or Olivia Palermo's job, this is what i dream of and i would be sooo passionate about it.


hello there..

sorry for not dating up the last two weeks. i moved to vienna and didn't have internet access first, so this was kind of a problem ^^ but now i'm back again :)

i just started going to university and.. well, it's not too thrilling. haha. hope that the lessons will get more interesting later or that i find something that gives me more satisfaction.

yesterday was a really bad day for me. i had the last training with my dancing group, so it's over now :( since i've moved to vienna it's not possible to go on with it and my girls decided not to dance at competitions anymore so our team officially doesn't exist anymore. it's so sad. i didn't realize how hard this goodbye would be for me until i was sitting in my car driving home and thinking about our happy moments together. honestly, i couldn't stop crying anymore..

however, i lately took some outfit pictures and, voilà, here they are:

now i have to get ready to meet my boyfriend!


dance dance dance 'till you're dead.

today was my dad's birthday so we celebrated and had shrimp cocktail for dinner. yum. my sister and i gave him a book for his Canon 500D, i think he liked it. hopefully he uses the camera after reading the book and finally knowing how it works :)

yesterday something not very pleasent happened to me. my car broke :( luckily i was just a few meters away from my boyfriend's house.. this morning i called the mechanic and he came and told me that some wire ripped and the car could have also started to burn.. fortunately everything will be fixed by tomorrow.

on monday there was perfect autumn weather, so i decided to take some pictures in our garden. i just love all the colors in autumn. it is definitely a MUST to go to a wood soon when all the leaves have turned red and orange and yellow to take photos there!

autumn in my garden..


let's dance to joy division

i promised to post some pictures of the stuff i lately bought, here they are:

faux fur stola, blue & red nail polish, pink cupcake lipgloss, beige lipgloss, bow earrings - everything from H&M

skirt, belt, faux fur stola - everything from H&M

black velvet dress - H&M

 brown leather boots - Zara

hope you like it ;) right now i'm watching "Saturday Nightfever" it's a TV show about austrian teenagers going out, being drunk and weird. fun to watch, but i always think, guys how can you act in such a silly way in front of a camera? god, i would be so embarassed..



soo.. today i was working from 9.30am to 1.00pm. moneymoney :) unfortunately i'm a bit ill, couldn't really sleep at night because i had a sore throat like hell.. feeling shitty.



today i found out about this competition of the jewelry online shop HotHoops.de for fashion bloggers and i thought why not participate? :)

here are my favourite pieces of the collection:

 piece-sign bracelet
 vintage earrings

nerd-glasses necklace

keeping my fingers crossed :)



i love this song :)

young rebel set - if i was

today i was at Vienna with my parents, to bring some stuff to the student home. now that there are some personal things in it, it isn't as weird anymore. the bed is very uncomfortable though, very hard..

later i will go to the cinema with some friends to watch "Despicable Me". normally i wouldn't watch it cause i don't like spending money on a film that i don't really want to see, especially because cinema has become soo expensive lately, but my friend Lena suggested it. I said yes because she is staying at Linz and i wanted to meet her before moving to Vienna.

some time ago i've watched "Salt" which is a film well worth seeing in my opinion. the story is absolutely not predictable and you can't say that very often of a film. i really liked it although i'm normally not into those kind of movies.

 this is a picture of my sister and me when we were in Spain this summer


searching & not finding.

today at the shopping center i was looking for those zara boots with Tina but i couldn't find them :( apparently they are only available in this one shop at vienna, but not in my size. damn it! the H&M khaki parka i showed you in a previous post unfortunately doesn't really look good on me. it's too long, reaching to the knees, which looks weird on me. i'm angry, i saw a perfect khaki parka at zara like two weeks ago but didn't try it on and now it's sold out i think.. no luck for me today. i only bought a beige lipgloss, a pink strawberry cupcake lipgloss, a dark red nail polish called "midnight passion" and a blue one called "spending cash with carl", funny in my opinion :)

maybe i will buy platform boots i saw at humanic but they are 80 or 90 €.. blah.
watching "Das Supertalent" right now. A guy: "I swallow things for a living". he was great..

i'm desperately in need for a khaki parka and some knitwear. where to look?

 i love alexa chung, she's definitely a style icon. mulberry's alexa bag is to die for. i would want one so bad..


shopping addict.

i was shopping again. and tomorrow i will do the same. oh my god i'm so addicted.. i was at H&M and bought the skirt (that i told you of yesterday), a belt i wanted for a long time, a faux fur stola and bow-earrings. luckily i had a 5€ voucher :) later i will go out with Hanna and Ines, i'm quite looking forward to kiwi wine - yumyum. probably i will wear my new velvet dress with the new belt, or maybe the new skirt. if there's enough time left i will take an outfit picture!

i took these pictures at a field near my house like two weeks ago.