don't trust

today i was at vienna with Chrisi to visit this welcome day which i told you of yesterday. it was quite interesting and despite getting up extremely early this day was fun. i think the studies at the university of economy are going to be really ok but i am still hoping i can take another course at the university of applied arts. keeping my fingers crossed!

later i met Hanna and we went to Zara, unfortunately the shop was really crowded so we didn't want to que for the fitting rooms. anyway, we found some killer platform lace-up boots which i really wanted to have but unfortunately they weren't available in my size. Hanny bought them and i am so jealous, i must try to get a similar pair, or maybe i can even get the same one at Linz. However they are 60€ which isn't quite cheap. Would love to get cheaper ones :) I decided for flat chilly boots, i think they are perfect for winter too. gonna show you a picture tomorrow.

at seven pm we had an appointment for visiting a flat that can be rented, and it was really nice. the apartment itself is astonishing, honestly, amazingly beautiful. i loved it :) but the area isn't the best one although it's quite central. additionally at the moment there are only three bed rooms with the possibility (?) to add another one by changing some little things but actually we are five students that need a flat and we can't just kick one of them out. Last week we visited the perfect apartment. PERFECT! beautiful, the best area ever, cheap - just perfect. the guy told us if we decide to take it, we get it. and we wanted it. there's just this other man who doesn't want to give the flat to five students for the one reason: that there wouldn't be a living room! damn it, i hate him, he ruined everything, it would have been perfect and we were all looking up to living there. that's why i called this post "don't trust". it always comes different..

tomorrow i am going to have a promotion shooting for the newspaper i am working for. and i think i have to go shopping again, because i want this khaki colored parka so much, plus a skirt that i saw two days ago (that i thought was too short, but anyway - it's cool ^^) and i need to get those shoes!!

two days ago the big advertisements that say "SALE" at H&M of course made me go in there and luckily i really found some reduced stuff (that usually doesn't happen to me). i bought a knitted, black and white striped dress for 10€ that was 20€ before, a white transparent, dotted blouse for 7€, i think it actually costed 15€ and a black velvet dress regular price 20€ (i wanted a dress like this for so long).

these are pictures i took a while ago at my boyfriend's house at night, i think it looks like a fairy tale :)


things i need to have for the upcoming fall/winter

autumn is coming and as little as i look forward to freezing temperatures, rain all the time and wet feet i am definitley looking forward to this season's fashion. there are various things i absolutely need:

topshop faux fur leopard coat:

h&m  khaki parka:

topshop knitted cardigan:

these are just three basics that came to my mind and that everyone needs.
plus: knitted overknees, lace-up wedges, leather pants and knitted ponchos!

for now i have to get myself in bed, because tomorrow i need to get up at 5:50 am to catch my train to vienna, 'cause there's a welcome day at the university of economy for all new students. the funny part of that is: is still haven't really decided what i am going to study. my head feels like a big mess that needs to be tidied up! any volunteers? cheers.


rebel rebel, you've torn your dress

The last time has been quite stressful as october is coming closer and closer which means i am going to move to vienna soon to study at university. i just found out that it's impossible for me to study architecture while studying economy too, so i have to canel my registration at the technolocial university. this is so dissatisfacting and annoying, i really wanted to do this, but there just is not enough time. architecture would have been the subject i am interested in, that i am passionate about and i would enjoy being an architect in the future. the problem is that it is not easy to get a job as an architect and that's why i study economy, to get a job
i will use this first year at university to find a subject that has something to do with being creative, something that makes me satified with what  i do and that i can take while studying economy. fashion would be so great, industrial design, architecture, i'd love to go to the university of applied arts at vienna, but it's a hard job to be accepted there. in addition i bet that the timetable is not very flexibe there either.
what's more, the student home that i am going to live in is not very comfortable and i don't believe that i can feel home there. so me and some of my friends started to look for an appartment where we can live together. fortunately we found one which is really nice and affordable and we will probably get it! :)

last week i had a photo shoot with a young photographer who studies at the university of arts at Linz. he contacted me on facebook, because he saw some picture i lately took with my friends Ines and Hanna. i hope i will see photos from the shoot soon! i'll let you know ;)

shirt - zara; faux fur - h&m, cardigan - h&m, shorts - bershka, tights - h&m, necklace - h&m

these are pictures that my friends took.

the following pictures are taken by me: 


smells like autumn

these are some pictures i also took yesterday. there was a wonderful view over the part of Linz which is north of the Danube. you can see the Ars Electronica Center which is a famous technology museum and when it's dark outside it shines and changes color. obviously the weather was terrible again. anyway, when taking photos i like those clouds ;)


she's lost control again

lace shirt - h&m; skirt - h&m; lace-up wedges - asos; overknees - asos; belt - zara
yesterday i was taking photos with my friend Ines, we went on a lovely hill at Linz and chose this monument as a spot. there's also a statue of a famous austrian physician who was called Johannes Kepler. now the university of Linz is named after him


step up 3d

as i expected the story was pretty much the same as in the last two step up movies but if you're into dancing you are going to be able to enjoy it though. that's at least how i felt. good dancing scenes always give me goose bumps :) i wish i will be able to dance like that one day. well, requires a lot of hard training i think..

city of Linz

These are some pictures i lately took at the historic center of Linz and near the main train station. freaky weather isn't it?

nights out

Wednesday i was having a girls night out with my friend Michi who is in the same dancing team as i am. So after we had training we went to my place, had toast hawaii and drank some sangria. afterwards we headed to the city where i also met Lena. wild night!

Actually i didn't plan to go out Friday but somehow Ines managed to just take me with her ;) i had some wine with kiwi (yuuum) at some chilly place at the city, later we went to mcdonald's to have a little midnight snack :D the night turned out quite funny as well.

Today i had training ( i have training very often at the moment because soon there are going to be competitions like the european championship) and later Lena and i are going to watch Step Up 3D at the cinema. I know the plot is bad but i just love the dancing scenes..


i'm going in with the kill

shirt - h&m, jacket - mango, skirt - h&m, overknees - h&m, ring - accessorize


i heart summer

these are pictures from my holiday in spain where i was with my sister and parents

hello baby!

Today me and my friend Sabi visited our former maths tutor Nora who had her baby shortly before we graduated. Beforehand we had breakfast at Walker and later on we went to h&m's children's department in order to buy some cute little outfit for the 4-months-old girl called Mavie. It was fun chatting about school time and playing with the baby who has the sweetest blue eyes :)

Later I will go to the cinema with my boyfriend Tobi but I have no idea which film to watch.. Hope I will manage to go to the city tomorrow and buy some fall outfits before i have my dancing classes..

new shoes :)

Today the shoes I ordered from Asos one or two weeks ago finally arrived and to say the least: I'm obsessed! Wedges are the best - more than comfortable for heels. This is what they look like:


of moons, birds & monsters

transparent shirt - h&m; tights - topshop; bag - modekungen.se; shoes - vögele

Lately I took some outfit pictures with my boyfriend at a small forest near his place. Unfortunately his lens had broken a day ago and the light was kind of weird so not many photos turned out well..