nights out

Wednesday i was having a girls night out with my friend Michi who is in the same dancing team as i am. So after we had training we went to my place, had toast hawaii and drank some sangria. afterwards we headed to the city where i also met Lena. wild night!

Actually i didn't plan to go out Friday but somehow Ines managed to just take me with her ;) i had some wine with kiwi (yuuum) at some chilly place at the city, later we went to mcdonald's to have a little midnight snack :D the night turned out quite funny as well.

Today i had training ( i have training very often at the moment because soon there are going to be competitions like the european championship) and later Lena and i are going to watch Step Up 3D at the cinema. I know the plot is bad but i just love the dancing scenes..

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