ich muss gestehen, ich bin süchtig nach nagellack (kaufen). nach meinem letzen besuch bei dm sind schon wieder zwei fläschchen in meinen besitz übergegangen.. aber sie waren ja auch reduziert ;) bei she gibt's nämlich gerade 50% auf alles.
ich wollte ja schon lange einen silber nagellack und ich muss sagen dieser hat mich ziemlich überzeugt (für 80 cent ist das schon ein tolles ergebnis!)

i must admit i 'm addicted to (buying) nail polish.. when i was at the drug store lately i bought two new bottles again. to my defense i have to say they were reduced and costed only about 80 cent each. plus i am really satisfied with the outcome!

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endlich wieder sport.. das abrackern im fitnessstudio fehlt mir wenn ich in Wien bin. man fühlt sich einfach besser wenn man weiß etwas gemacht zu haben, da gehts bestimmt nicht nur mir so, oder? ;)
und wie versprochen gibts heute richtige outfit-fotos:
ps: ich habe die Zara-Schuhe, die im Internet überall ausverkauft sind in meinem Zara store gefunden, das ist wohl das gute daran in Österreich zu wohnen haha. (Elin Kling hat sie, Sabrina von afterdrk hat sie,...)

at the moment i'm doing a lot of sports.. i miss going to the gym when i'm at Vienna (i signed up at Linz) because i just feel better when i'm able to work out regularly, do you agree?
and as promised, here are my outfit-pics:
ps: i found the zara heels that are sold out everywhere on the internet in my local zara store, so this is the good thing about living in Austria haha. (Elin Kling got them, Sabrina from afterdrk got them,...)

head band - Six; jacket - Zara, 40€; shirt - H&M, 8€; scarf - Asos, 11€; trousers - H&M, 20€; pointed heels - Zara, 80€, ring - Asos, 8€

i don't know why it doesn't work to paste lookbook's hype-button-code into the HTML area with my macbook but if you want to hype my look, please just klick on the link in my sidebar! :)



a sneak peak at my outfit.. i'll show you more tomorrow ;) currently trying to improve my gimp-skills, which takes up quite a lot of time.. now that i got my macbook i can't use paint anymore hahahah i'm such a fool.

have a nice evening!

ps: i decided that from now on i'll link everyone who starts following my blog (sorry @ jennilovesjewels.blogspot.com for stealing your idea ;) )
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auf www.meingutscheincode.de  gibt es jetzt für die schnellsten unter uns Gutscheine im Wert von 50€, bzw mit ein bisschen Glück sogar ein McBook Pro zu gewinnen!

Da ich armes Ding gestern Bücher im Wert von 150€ für die Uni kaufen musste, kann ich einen Gutschein für Zalando mehr als gebrauchen, der dann gut in ein neues Paar Sommerschuhe investiert wird :) und damit ihr mich nicht als gemeine Lügnerin abstempelt habe ich sogar noch schnell die Rechnung abfotografiert!

So, jetzt muss ich meine Füße entspannen und sie auf brandneue Killer-Heels vorbereiten ;)



today i took pictures of my outfit again and i was totally in the mood for colour! :) i might really fall for colour blocking this season but i am still in need for some key pieces for this trend..

everything - H&M except: ring - Asos; shoes - no name

i will upload the pictures to lookbook, chictopia etc. tomorrow.
how do you like my outfit?



i am actually not the biggest fan of the YSL bags that everybody owns a faked version of, but i have nothing against owning a genuine one either ;)
so i participated in a contest, here is the Link to it.


i just discovered Anjelicas's blog: Modejunkie.com and i think it's wonderful.. i love her combinations and the way she's able to style an outfit based on one key piece.. 
just find out yourself ;)

good night!



sorry for the bad quality, the light and colours in my room obviously are strange! need to take pictures with flash next time..
this is what i wore today for going to university, coffee shop with a friend and a little shopping tour :)

lace shirt - H&M; pants - Zara; bag - chapnlle.se; shoes - no name
i still have a lot to show you from all my previous shopping toursbelieve me, i feel quite guilty for spending a lot of money on clothes but i haven't stopped yet. i fell in love with a quite expensive blouse today and am constantly thinking about buying it.. poor bank account.



right now Andy T. is one of my main sources of inspiration. i love how her style is so versatile, one day you see her wearing jeans and a pullover and the next day she's going for colour blocking and a sheer maxi skirt. she never fails to look breathtaking..

  i am incredibly in love with this Burberry inspired Topshop Trench Coat

i love the bustier & sheer blouse combination. might go for this too :)

 stunning.. what more can i say?

PS: sorry for not having posted the promised pictures yet but they are on my mac book which i first have to register at the student's home for having access to the internet.. 
have a nice day! ;)



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today my friend Ines and i decided to take some pictures because the weather was really nice and actually warm too which makes me haaappy :) haha. 
this is what i wore: (i'll show you the pictures i took of my friend tomorrow)

sheer khaki shirt - H&M; navy trousers - H&M; lace shirt - H&M; necklace - Six

hope you like it :)



today i received my new mac book yaay :) i've only saved one picture, so i'll just post this one haha. found it on Lookbook.nu and i love it because of the anchor tattoo (i want to have one too)!


today i did some shopping with my boy. i enjoy being able to spend some time just doing what i want without having to study all the time.. :) the weather finally seems to get a little better and i hope it's going to stay that way (or get even warmer!!)

here's what i bought:

 earrings - H&M, 5€

blazer - H&M, 20€

 faux fox tail - H&M, 5€

  blue trousers - H&M, 20€; sheer khaki shirt - H&M, 3€

blazer -H&M, 20€; scarf - Tally Weijl, 5€; ballet flats - H&M, 20€

i also ordered a bag lately:

 Mulberry inspired bag - Chapnlle