tomorrow and the day after tomorrow i am going to work which won't be too thrilling. yay.

i don't have good pictures of my London trip yet, but here are some that i took with my small camera:

Oxford Street

shop window of Topshop

me and my boyfriend

smoked salmon and egg scramble at Bagelmania

Great Marlborough Street

 Carnaby Street



Ashley Olsen is such a beauty! I adore her style too, it's very classic but always up to date. 

pics found on google

My favourite outfits are the one with the shorts and headband and the one with the leather pants and the white sheer blouse.


back again.

the reason why i didn't update during the last week is that i was at London. i simply love this city!

i told you about the exam last saturday, i passed it with a C :) so happy. 

here are some pictures of Rachel Bilson. i think she is gorgeous!

pics found on google.

pictures of London soon to come.



last exam done today :) the day began with quite a shock - waking up feeling good, realizing it's not dark outside anymore. i overslept, 3 precious hours that i could have been studying. didn't even recognize to have switched off the alarm at half past six, which is probably because i went to bed at 3:30 am (studied until then) and was really exhausted. 

i'm eagerly waiting for the results, i hope that i was lucky and managed to get over 50% somehow.. i for sure didn't have enough knowledge for that but im keeping my fingers crossed :)

later i will go to the christmas market having some punch :) looking forward to it!

i don't always love Olivia Palermo's style but i really like her outfits in these two pictures, especially the dress & sheer skirt combination in the first picture and her bag (!) in the second picture. i truely admire her "new" hair style too ;)

pictures from thevougediaries.com


i just..

.. created a tumblr spontaneously. for no reason.. 
eenajune.tumblr.com. i chose this name because i used to call myself "Eena" when i was young and couldn't spell my name correctly, well, and june because i love summer i suppose? hah

i passed my first exam on wednesday and am glad about that. yesterday i thought my head might explode because of studying 300 pages of maths straight. all for nothing though, cause i really fucked it up today. i couldn't answer one single question, just ticked the options randomly (although you get -0.25 points for a wrong answer). who cares, i can repeat it in january and i was pretty sure i would have to do this before taking the exam.

have to do grocery shopping and then study for my exam tomorrow which definitely won't be much better than the one today. yay!

i love this girl's hair
(sorry, don't remember where i found this picture)



sorry for not dating up regularly, i really need to study hard. tomorrow is my first exam, i'm exited, nervous, anxious, but i'm glad that it will be done soon. i tried last year's exam on the internet and i passed it with a good C, which makes me quite glad :) however, i know that there will be a lot of guessing and luck needed to do this again ^^

due to my not-available-time for taking pictures i thought i'd show you some i found on Elle.com:

Reece Solomon: She is a young New Yorker, designer of the bag collection "Reece Hudson", with a great personal style.

good night ;)


must have..

..some big, chunky, oversized knitwear to keep you warm this season.

i am loving these cardis and jumpers. need to get some when i'm at London :)

knitted hats and scarves.. absoultely necessary!

haha.. sweetest hat ever. you'll look like a bear :)

not without a headband this season.. this color is great!

all pictures from topshop.com


and again..

.. a  competition :D i know.. but how should i win if i don't try? ..

this one is from Hitmeister.de and you can choose a wishlist up to 500€. this is mine:

iPod touch 32 GB
Converse Low Black
Two and a half men 6th season
Gossip Girl 2nd season
Thierry Mugler Angel
Juliette has a gun perfume

ok, now i have to study again.. tonight i'm celebrating Ines' birthday. however, i'll keep it low 'cause i don't want to get ill again..


just signed up for bloglovin

Follow my blog with bloglovin

and another competition..

why not? haha.

i saw this one on Jennilovesjewels's blog and thought i had to try it too :)

it's a competition on Ladenzeile.de and you can win up to 1000€. time for some luck :D

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