i just..

.. created a tumblr spontaneously. for no reason.. 
eenajune.tumblr.com. i chose this name because i used to call myself "Eena" when i was young and couldn't spell my name correctly, well, and june because i love summer i suppose? hah

i passed my first exam on wednesday and am glad about that. yesterday i thought my head might explode because of studying 300 pages of maths straight. all for nothing though, cause i really fucked it up today. i couldn't answer one single question, just ticked the options randomly (although you get -0.25 points for a wrong answer). who cares, i can repeat it in january and i was pretty sure i would have to do this before taking the exam.

have to do grocery shopping and then study for my exam tomorrow which definitely won't be much better than the one today. yay!

i love this girl's hair
(sorry, don't remember where i found this picture)

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