last exam done today :) the day began with quite a shock - waking up feeling good, realizing it's not dark outside anymore. i overslept, 3 precious hours that i could have been studying. didn't even recognize to have switched off the alarm at half past six, which is probably because i went to bed at 3:30 am (studied until then) and was really exhausted. 

i'm eagerly waiting for the results, i hope that i was lucky and managed to get over 50% somehow.. i for sure didn't have enough knowledge for that but im keeping my fingers crossed :)

later i will go to the christmas market having some punch :) looking forward to it!

i don't always love Olivia Palermo's style but i really like her outfits in these two pictures, especially the dress & sheer skirt combination in the first picture and her bag (!) in the second picture. i truely admire her "new" hair style too ;)

pictures from thevougediaries.com

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