rebel rebel, you've torn your dress

The last time has been quite stressful as october is coming closer and closer which means i am going to move to vienna soon to study at university. i just found out that it's impossible for me to study architecture while studying economy too, so i have to canel my registration at the technolocial university. this is so dissatisfacting and annoying, i really wanted to do this, but there just is not enough time. architecture would have been the subject i am interested in, that i am passionate about and i would enjoy being an architect in the future. the problem is that it is not easy to get a job as an architect and that's why i study economy, to get a job
i will use this first year at university to find a subject that has something to do with being creative, something that makes me satified with what  i do and that i can take while studying economy. fashion would be so great, industrial design, architecture, i'd love to go to the university of applied arts at vienna, but it's a hard job to be accepted there. in addition i bet that the timetable is not very flexibe there either.
what's more, the student home that i am going to live in is not very comfortable and i don't believe that i can feel home there. so me and some of my friends started to look for an appartment where we can live together. fortunately we found one which is really nice and affordable and we will probably get it! :)

last week i had a photo shoot with a young photographer who studies at the university of arts at Linz. he contacted me on facebook, because he saw some picture i lately took with my friends Ines and Hanna. i hope i will see photos from the shoot soon! i'll let you know ;)

shirt - zara; faux fur - h&m, cardigan - h&m, shorts - bershka, tights - h&m, necklace - h&m

these are pictures that my friends took.

the following pictures are taken by me: 

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  1. hey. dein blog gefällt mir echt gut muss ich sagen.
    du hast nen tollen style und die fotos sind sehr stilvoll.
    würd mich freuen wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbeischaust ;)

    viele grüße aus niederösterreich