things i need to have for the upcoming fall/winter

autumn is coming and as little as i look forward to freezing temperatures, rain all the time and wet feet i am definitley looking forward to this season's fashion. there are various things i absolutely need:

topshop faux fur leopard coat:

h&m  khaki parka:

topshop knitted cardigan:

these are just three basics that came to my mind and that everyone needs.
plus: knitted overknees, lace-up wedges, leather pants and knitted ponchos!

for now i have to get myself in bed, because tomorrow i need to get up at 5:50 am to catch my train to vienna, 'cause there's a welcome day at the university of economy for all new students. the funny part of that is: is still haven't really decided what i am going to study. my head feels like a big mess that needs to be tidied up! any volunteers? cheers.

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