searching & not finding.

today at the shopping center i was looking for those zara boots with Tina but i couldn't find them :( apparently they are only available in this one shop at vienna, but not in my size. damn it! the H&M khaki parka i showed you in a previous post unfortunately doesn't really look good on me. it's too long, reaching to the knees, which looks weird on me. i'm angry, i saw a perfect khaki parka at zara like two weeks ago but didn't try it on and now it's sold out i think.. no luck for me today. i only bought a beige lipgloss, a pink strawberry cupcake lipgloss, a dark red nail polish called "midnight passion" and a blue one called "spending cash with carl", funny in my opinion :)

maybe i will buy platform boots i saw at humanic but they are 80 or 90 €.. blah.
watching "Das Supertalent" right now. A guy: "I swallow things for a living". he was great..

i'm desperately in need for a khaki parka and some knitwear. where to look?

 i love alexa chung, she's definitely a style icon. mulberry's alexa bag is to die for. i would want one so bad..

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