young rebel set - if i was

today i was at Vienna with my parents, to bring some stuff to the student home. now that there are some personal things in it, it isn't as weird anymore. the bed is very uncomfortable though, very hard..

later i will go to the cinema with some friends to watch "Despicable Me". normally i wouldn't watch it cause i don't like spending money on a film that i don't really want to see, especially because cinema has become soo expensive lately, but my friend Lena suggested it. I said yes because she is staying at Linz and i wanted to meet her before moving to Vienna.

some time ago i've watched "Salt" which is a film well worth seeing in my opinion. the story is absolutely not predictable and you can't say that very often of a film. i really liked it although i'm normally not into those kind of movies.

 this is a picture of my sister and me when we were in Spain this summer

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