hello there..

sorry for not dating up the last two weeks. i moved to vienna and didn't have internet access first, so this was kind of a problem ^^ but now i'm back again :)

i just started going to university and.. well, it's not too thrilling. haha. hope that the lessons will get more interesting later or that i find something that gives me more satisfaction.

yesterday was a really bad day for me. i had the last training with my dancing group, so it's over now :( since i've moved to vienna it's not possible to go on with it and my girls decided not to dance at competitions anymore so our team officially doesn't exist anymore. it's so sad. i didn't realize how hard this goodbye would be for me until i was sitting in my car driving home and thinking about our happy moments together. honestly, i couldn't stop crying anymore..

however, i lately took some outfit pictures and, voilà, here they are:

now i have to get ready to meet my boyfriend!

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