dance dance dance 'till you're dead.

today was my dad's birthday so we celebrated and had shrimp cocktail for dinner. yum. my sister and i gave him a book for his Canon 500D, i think he liked it. hopefully he uses the camera after reading the book and finally knowing how it works :)

yesterday something not very pleasent happened to me. my car broke :( luckily i was just a few meters away from my boyfriend's house.. this morning i called the mechanic and he came and told me that some wire ripped and the car could have also started to burn.. fortunately everything will be fixed by tomorrow.

on monday there was perfect autumn weather, so i decided to take some pictures in our garden. i just love all the colors in autumn. it is definitely a MUST to go to a wood soon when all the leaves have turned red and orange and yellow to take photos there!

autumn in my garden..

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  1. I have a weakness for sunflowers ! they are beautiful !

    in response to your comment on my blog: studying fashion is a dream come true ! I can't imagine going to school for anything else ! Have a great day !