thanksthanksthanks :)

just noticed that Jenni from jenni loves jewels gave me a blog award! this is the nicest blog-related thing that ever happened to me :) thank you so much!

in order to accept the award i have to give it to other bloggers too, so here they are:

Victoria Törnegren: she's a swedish girl with an admirable taste of fashion, i love reading her blog! 
Strikers & Spikers: Chloe is from England and studies fashion, it's so interesting to see her inspirations. 
Carolines Mode: i've already shown you her blog here 
Ebba Zingmark: she's only 15 but already more fashionable than nearly every person that crosses your way.
Bekldeidet: a german girl's blog which is definitely worth checking out. 
Melissa Overgaard: just found her blog like a week ago and i absolutely like it. she's so beautiful!
Shelley Mulshine: you probably already know her, 'cause she's a quite famous blogger. her boyfriend has the best haircut ;)
Philippa: her blog is a mixture of cool pictures, i am checking it out regularly.

maybe i will post some pictures later today, but i'm not sure if i have got the time for it, because my exams are next week and i have to study all the time.. grr. :( 

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